Cliqstep makes personal rehab easy


Cliqstep is a overload, sound alerting device that gives you a personal rehabilitation training with different load resistance. Several orthopedic condition (prostheses, fractures, muscle and rupture of tendons) of the lower extremities requires gradually load of the foot (12 kg, 20 kg, 30 kg) over number of weeks to increase the leg strength. By using Cliqstep there will be less risk of overload the injury during rehabilitation period. Cliqstep is made by recyclable material.

Quick facts
Cliqstep can be mounted on plaster foot by wrapping the bandage as fixation. To mount Cliqstep on shoe splint remove the flanges and attach with 4 screws. Exchangeable load sensors.
Red: 30 kg.
Yellow: 20 kg.
Blue: 12 kg.
Dark grey holder
Flat spring: generate “click” sound when exposed to pressure

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